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Pinnacle Skills Keynote, Half Day Workshop or Full Day Seminar


In studies of why Canadian companies fail, there is one common reason: a lack of “pinnacle skills” in the company leaders. This session is a must for senior company management or owners of small and medium sized businesses. Working in North America’s franchise industry, Chris Robertson saw first hand, thousands of entrepreneurs invest in owning their own business.

In 99.9% of the cases, these investors who became business owners only invested a small amount of capital to start the business, but they had to finance the majority of the total investment. The financing institutions made these owners sign personal guarantees for this debt, which meant their financial life was on the line with the business. If the business failed their life savings were gone… With stakes like these no business owner can afford to miss survival lessons of Pinnacle Skills.

Chris Robertson is on a mission to stop business failures in Canada. Entrepreneurs have worked to hard to end up bankrupt. Employees depend on the business for their livelihood and don’t need the human tragedy of business failure. If your national association is having declining membership because your member companies are in financial crisis then you need to have Pinnacle Skills at your convention to bring your members back from the brink of disaster.

The Pinnacle Skills Keynote is bursting with real world lessons about how to manage smarter, set record performance targets and unlock the potential of your organization as a leader that will redefine success forever. The full day session is better than an MBA because it focuses on the real world challenges of today and delivers straight talk on what you need to do to manage and lead smarter.

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