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Canadian Best Seller Book "To The Top Canada"


This is one of Canada’s greatest stories. If you enjoyed Chris’ presentation, seeing him on TV, hearing him on the radio or reading the short version of his story in “Chicken Soup For The Canadian Soul” then you will love the Canadian bestseller To The Top Canada now in its eighth printing. This is the actual daily diary of the To The Top Canada Expedition. You’ll feel you’re on the expedition with Chris Robertson making discoveries and learning about Canada everyday.

This 20th Anniversary Special Edition To The Top Canada book contains a NEW CHAPTER written by Chris Robertson entitled: "Two Decades Later." The book also contains a middle section with 16 pictures from the expedition so the story comes alive for you. The most important thing to remember is that this is the story of the first journey from the bottom of mainland Canada 6,520 kilometres to the top. This is real Canadian history. Like many other readers, after you’ve read this story you’ll be buying more To The Top Canada books for your relatives, friends, local schools and local library as gifts. Like many readers you’ll feel this is a Canadian story that every person in Canada should know about. Many people feel that Chris Robertson’s message about making Canada better is essential to the future of Canada.

We thank you for your order and pride in Canada. Please note the price includes purchase, packaging, delivery and HST. We are also proud to say To The Top Canada was printed in Canada giving jobs to Canadians! In appreciation, every book ordered online will be personally autographed by “Chris Robertson” himself increasing the value of your book so it will immediately be a collector's item.

Here are just some comments about To The Top Canada!!!
  • "From encounters with bears to Big City Life including the stark challenges of solo biking through the Arctic, a priceless "Canadian" narrative. Chris has a huge passion for Canada, courage in spades and an unrivaled adventure spirit! Tie him down!"
    Roy Green, Award-Winning National Talk-Radio Host of The Roy Green Show
    Corus Radio Network

  • "We can all learn from an already Proud Canadian who was willing to go out and learn more about the very fabric of our great country! Well done Chris!!!"
    Brian Williams, The Dean of Canadian Sports Commentators
    TSN/CTV Television

  • "To The Top Canada teaches us that one person can not only make a difference but also inspire others to act on their dreams. It's like reading someone's diary, someone who turns out to be just an ordinary Canadian who did something extraordinary! It happens to all of us all the time: we are moved by an event or situation, but Chris Robertson belongs to that rare breed who do something about it."
    Connie Smith, News Anchor
    CH Global Television

  • "When I read To The Top Canada, I was mesmerized by this great adventure story, and truly moved by Chris' total commitment to citizenship and service to his country. His personal challenge, to go out and do something for Canada, inspired me and helped shape the vision for completing Chicken Soup for the Canadian Soul. To The Top Canada is the wake up call to make Canada great in the 21st Century, and Chris Robertson is a real Canadian Legend!"
    Janet Matthews, Canadian Co-Author of National Bestselling Book
    Chicken Soup For The Canadian Soul

  • “This is a true story of sacrifice and courage for our country’s well
    being. Chris is deeply committed to peace and harmony in Canada, one of
    our finest citizens, we need more like him.”

    Lorna Dueck, On Air Host of Listen Up TV
    CTS Television

  • “I share in Chris’ vision for Canada that the best future for Canada is yet to come and that through the efforts of every Canadian, we can create a better Canada for our children.”

Sheila Copps, Former Deputy Prime Minister of Canada


  • “On behalf of Canada, I wish to commend Chris Robertson for his
    dedication to our great country. His journey from the bottom of mainland
    Canada to the top, as recorded in his powerful book, To The Top
    , is evidence of the power of one individual to inspire a
    country. To The Top Canada is a must-read for every Canadian that
    wants to witness true courage and perseverance. The gruelling journey
    across such a vast and beautiful country is both commendable and moving.
    I truly believe that this story captures the true heart and soul of our
    country and its people. Thank you, Chris, for your passion for Canada!”

    Peter G. MacKay, Former Minister of Defence
  •  “Chris you are an inspiration to all of us.”

Robert Bateman, Wildlife Artist, Environmentalist & Naturalist

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